15 Mar 2021

Why a Bath Can Be Healthier Than a Shower?

Everyone dreams of having the perfect and sophisticated bathroom fitted with luxury bathtubs and other accessories. Though it requires planning and

20 Jan 2021

Health Benefits of Steam and Sauna Bath Systems

Nowadays, saunas are seen everywhere. They are regular features in modern homes, hotels, private clubs, and resorts. Moreover, Sauna Bath Mach

29 Dec 2020

How to choose the right Water Pumps?

Choosing the right water pump is always an issue especially for those affected by poor water supply. Best suited for urban and industrial areas, th

25 Nov 2020

Significance & Importance Of Bathroom Accessories In Our Daily Life

When it comes to renovating a house then people are seen overlooking the fittings of their bathing space. This is true for most of the homes in met

26 Oct 2020

How to choose the right bathtubs and bathtubs accessories?

When choosing the right bathtubs or bathtubs accessories there are few things that you have to consider before settling for the obvious one. Knowin

06 Aug 2020

Tips on Buying the Best Bathroom Accessories

Choosing the right bath accessories is not an easy task. Especially when you are looking to renovate your bathroom by installing a new bathtub. Th

06 Jul 2020

Types of bathtubs and how to choose the right one!

If you're looking to replace your old bathtub or thinking about remodeling your bathroom, then it is a good idea to know the type of bathtubs a

21 May 2020

How to choose the best Bath Accessories Products?

  Bathroom accessories have undergone a revolution with regards to design and features. Today you can find lot many variety in every

21 Apr 2020

What is the role of Steam & Sauna Bath in healthy lifestyle?

For its proven positive impact on human health, an indoor sauna and steam bathroom is regarded as a necessity for anyone who owns a home. A good st

27 Mar 2020

Why are shower enclosures so popular?

Have you ever thought about the reason behind the popularity of shower enclosures! The reason is simply that they enhance the look and feel of the

25 Feb 2020

Know in detail about the hidden benefits of Water Softener System

Get rid of hard water that may affect your skin and health in a most significant manner. Caused due to high mineral content, it damages both skin a

20 Jan 2020

Choose The Right Tub And Give A Luxurious Look To Your Bathroom

Remodeling a small bathroom and creating a functional and cool bathing space can be tough. Many items won’t fit into the dimension of your sp

20 Jan 2020

How Often Can I Take A Steam Bath?

Steam bath has emerged as a new option to beat stress. Work burden combines with other responsibilities makes the person feel the pressure. Taking

20 Jan 2020

Tips For Choosing The Right Bathtub

Refinishing your bathroom by installing a bathtub is surely a good idea. The bathtubs are quite popular because of their style and can add value to

20 Jan 2020

How Steam Bath Differs From Sauna System

These days sauna and steam for residential and commercial purposes are common. Millennials are more health-conscious compared to their counterparts

20 Jan 2020

See The Magical Effects Of Steam Bath For The Weight Loss

People often visit the gym to experience a relaxing steam sauna. But now you can also experience the same within the closed doors of your home. Add

20 Jan 2020

Steam And Sauna Bathing For A Healthy Lifestyle

As technology advances nowadays, more and more people try to look fair and healthy. Though most of the people consider anti-aging as the best solut

20 Jan 2020

How To Safely Take A Bath In A Bathtub During Pregnancy

If you open Google and type the word “Is taking bath in a bathtub safe during pregnancy”, you will see lots of information about this m

21 Jan 2020

Revive Your Bathroom With Luxury Jacuzzi Bathtub

Reviving a tired washroom can require a total overhaul. Not just the walls bt fixtures also needs a change. There are many who consult professional

20 Jan 2020

What To Consider When Installing A Steam Bath Machine In Bathroom?

When you decide to install a Steam bath machine, you can either select a ready-made steam enclosure or choose to design as per your own plan.&

21 Jan 2020

Steam And Sauna Bath Machine Repairing In India

Replacing or repairing Sauna and Steam bath machine is a critical maintenance task. The units which are designed to give a refreshing and

21 Jan 2020

Physiological Effects Of Steam Bath

A steam bath is one of the most important time-tested water treatments. It has both physical and physiological effect. Physically it soothes tense

20 Jan 2020

Buy Steam Bath Machine For A Refreshing And Invigorating Experience

Most people nowadays want to install Steam Bath Machine

20 Jan 2020

Buy Steam Bath Machine For A Hale And Healthy Lifestyle

Updating your bathroom involves more than just deciding what colour bath to choose! Especially when looking to install a 

20 Jan 2020

The Amazing Features Of Steam And Sauna Bath Systems

Advanced technology has provided us with so many options to make our lives healthier. In today’s busy world we need something to soothe our m

20 Jan 2020

Steam Bath Machine For Home

Buy premium class Steam bath machine from Bat

20 Jan 2020

The Health Benefits Of Steam Bath

A typical workday involves exposure to pollution and dust, endless waits in congested traffic snarls, high work targets and pressure – Each f

20 Jan 2020

Sauna Bath Accessories And Their Features

Restore your well-being and get the golden glow of health by creating your very health sanctuary in the privacy of your home. Sauna, the “Fin

20 Jan 2020

Things To Keep In Mind While Installing Steam Bath In Your Home

A steam bath is nothing short of a holistic method to get rid of impurities and toxics present in the body. It’s an old, natural and effectiv

20 Jan 2020

How To Build A Perfect Custom Spa For Your Gym?

No doubt, modern times are stressful. At times, we want to escape into another world to stay away from the stress, negativity and tensions. With so

20 Jan 2020

Why Sitting In Sauna Is Good For Your Heart

Regular sauna use may lower the risk of death from cardiovas disease(CVD) in people aged 50 years and above, according to a study. Resear

20 Jan 2020

Tips To Make Your Sauna Room Experience Rejuvenating And Relaxing

Sauna is nothing but a relaxing experience to stay fit, relaxed and rejuvenated. In this fast-paced world, it is very important to treat yourself w

17 Jan 2020

Taking Steam And Saunas Can Prevent Common Colds And Give Symptom Relief

Inhaling steam is one of the best ways to get rid of symptoms related to cough, cold and chronic infections. The process involves the inhalation of

17 Jan 2020

Build A Cosy & Futuristic Steam Room For Gym To Offer Complete Fitness

Today, a gym has become the most important part of our lives. In this stressful and hectic lifestyle, people hardly get time to go for an evening w

17 Jan 2020

Expert Advice… Selecting The Best Shower Bench For Your Bathroom

Before you finalize any shower bench for your bathroom, there are a few important things that you need to know about the variants available in the

17 Jan 2020

Shower Benches… A Must-Have Safety Feature In Your Bathroom

Whether you live alone or have a care worker helping you with your personal hygiene, the fact is, you need to stay safe and comfortable while t

17 Jan 2020

Interesting Shower Enclosure Ideas For Your Uninteresting Bathroom

We reenergize our body and mind for the new day, after having a refreshing session in our bathroom. But, have you ever glimpsed this special space

17 Jan 2020

Gift A Glass Shower Enclosure To Your New Bathroom And Make It Look Luxurious!

When aspiring to give that aesthetic look to the bathroom, most people are likely to start with the shower enclosures. You know precisely how you w

17 Jan 2020

Saunas And Steam Rooms At The Gym / Club: Do They Actually Help?

When we enter a gym or club, we’re often tempted to take a detour to the sauna or steam room. Saunas and steam rooms&nb

23 Jan 2020

Now You Don’t! Need To Share A Steam Room

Have you ever imagined having a quick steam session, after a busy and tiring office schedule, at the comfort of your own home and without shari

23 Jan 2020

Luxurious Home Spa And Sauna – A Sustainable Inclusion For Your Modern Abode

Gone are the days when bathrooms were just the place used for getting you ready for the day. Homeowner’s have started demanding 

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