Shower Benches… A Must-Have Safety Feature In Your Bathroom

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Shower Benches… A Must-Have Safety Feature In Your Bathroom

17 Jan 2020

Shower Benches… A Must-Have Safety Feature In Your Bathroom

Whether you live alone or have a care worker helping you with your personal hygiene, the fact is, you need to stay safe and comfortable while taking a shower. That is why you should invest in an appropriate shower bench for elderly in your home.

The moment you turn your shower on you run the risk of slipping and falling because of the wet floor. Most of us have experienced this and if it wasn’t – for our agility, grab bars, or pure luck – there are chances that we might face an injury-inducing fall. The situation can get even worse as we grow old. Bathroom falls are some of the leading causes of injuries and even deaths among elderly people. Not many people, however, take the necessary steps to minimize or eliminate entirely such falls for the senior family members. Moreover, not everyone can afford the modern walk-in tub.

If you have a walk-in shower and you are concerned about your safety while in the bathroom, then you should seriously think about investing in a shower seat like a folding shower / bath bench or a wall mounted shower seat. The shower benches are designed to keep you safe, comfortable, and well supported while you shower.

According to the experts at Bath Systems, most of the injuries, worldwide, are recorded in the bathroom every year, and the rate tend to increase primarily with old age people. Although almost all these injuries happen within the bathroom setting, most of them occur in or around the shower / bath-tub area.

Considering the fact that we use the bathroom daily, falls and injuries in bathroom are quite frequent and most of the time inevitable. That is why safety features like a shower chair for elderly people are critical.

Experts at Bath Systems share some tips for investing in right shower bench for your respected ones.

Who Need Shower Benches?

Often referred as bath chairsshower stoolsbath benchesshower benchesshower seats – these devices provide the necessary assistance and support to anyone who feels challenging to stand safely or alone in a shower or bathtub setting. Although commonly associated with the elderly, these safety aids can, however, be used by people of all age groups.

Below is the list of people who need to use shower seats:

  • Elderly senior members in family;
  • People recovering from a back injury;
  • Individuals recovering from broken bones, especially legs, ankles, or knee injuries;
  • Family members who use crutches;
  • Also, people with long-term disabilities.

Before zero down your choice on the right Shower Chair for your bathroom, you need to consider these key points:

  • Space available in your shower / bathtub;
  • Weight that the shower bench need to support;
  • Type of shower seat – fixed or an adjustable one;
  • Any specific type of shower seat that your doctor has recommended.
  • You have to make sure that you have all these answers along with the accurate measurements of the surface on which the shower bench will need to mount.

Overhauling bathroom is the only alternative to shower benches, wherein you might entirely need to re-do your bathroom and design it to fulfill your particular requirements. This is, however, quite a costly and time-consuming endeavor that is often not required. All these unnecessary expenses can be avoided, if you can find the right shower bench for you or let the experts like Bath Systems (the best sauna manufacturer in India ) choose an appropriate one for you. Shower Benches by Bath Systems can make your elderly feel safe and comfortable as they take a shower every day.

Bath Systems are the pioneers in bath equipment and leading steam bath machine manufacturer in Delhi. Bath Systems has successfully served numerous home users as well as gyms (including Gold GymChisel Gym, and Sport Fit).

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