Tips To Make Your Sauna Room Experience Rejuvenating And Relaxing

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Tips To Make Your Sauna Room Experience Rejuvenating And Relaxing

20 Jan 2020

Tips To Make Your Sauna Room Experience Rejuvenating And Relaxing

Sauna is nothing but a relaxing experience to stay fit, relaxed and rejuvenated. In this fast-paced world, it is very important to treat yourself with some best relaxing activity or therapy which is reinvigorating and makes you feel better after a long and tiring day. Sauna is such an authentic and relaxing therapy which does wonders to our mental and physical health. It is usually offered in a small room heated to between 70 and 100 degrees Celsius. During the process, the skin temperature shoots up to 40 degrees Celsius resulting in heavy sweating that will eventually make you feel refreshed and offer multiple health benefits. Some of the potential health benefits of Sauna bath machine are to improve blood pressure, make blood vessels more responsive, relax arteries, help your brain to perform better, improve cardiovascular performance, remove toxins, and relieve stress and to help in chronic diseases.

But, the sauna bath is relaxing and rejuvenating only if it’s taken in the right process. The sauna therapy is beneficial, but if it’s not taken in the right manner, it could be dangerous. There is a right process and certain limitations followed by a proper set of guidelines to ensure a relaxing sauna room session. Nowadays, the sauna room for gyms has become very popular. Most of the gyms invite their loyal customers to the sauna after a strenuous workout to relax the body. But only a few actually tell the entire process of taking a sauna and its benefits along with shortcomings.

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So let’ understand first the entire process of the sauna in 3 parts:

Before sauna: It is important to understand or to know the preparation phase. First off, you need to consult your doctor as sauna bath could create potential problems for heart patients or for those suffering from some chronic ailments. Once you get green flag from your doctor, go ahead with it. Before hitting the sauna room, make sure to turn on the heater and set the temperature as per your body or requirement. For a novice, it is good to start with around 150F.

Secondly, make sure to undress yourself completely. There should not be any jewellery on your body as metal can heat up swiftly and may burn your skin. You can wrap a towel around you if you want. Also, make sure to remove glasses or contact lenses for the most comfortable experience without facing any kind of problem. In addition, make sure to keep yourself hydrated before taking the session. For that matter, drink a good amount of fluids to avoid any complications.

In the Sauna: Once you are ready, step inside the room and spend at least 5 minutes and the maximum of 15 minutes to ensure soak yourself in the heat. Make yourself comfortable on any position or sitting space, and sit on the towel your wrapped around you. Don’t indulge yourself in smoking or drinking while taking a sauna.

After Sauna: Once you come out of the room, it’s important to relax your body. Once your body is relaxed, it’s time to take a cold water shower to make your skin cool. Again, drink over 4 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated. If you want to take another round inside then it is important to cool down your body by sitting outside for some time and take a glass of water. After taking the final sauna session to cool down your body before taking a shower. Make sure the sweating is stopped before taking a bath.

Apart from that, there are some essential steps to follow before hitting a sauna room in your gym.

  • If you are suffering from heart disease or serious lung disease then avoid taking sauna bath.
  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure, thyroid hyperfunction or any major infection then also it should not be taken.
  • Make sure to not eat heavy meals prior to the sauna bath. There must be a gap of at least 3 hours.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or nicotine while taking sauna.
  • Don’t indulge yourself into any sports activity between warm and cool down period. Just have water as much as you can.
  • Don’t take your smartphones inside and make sure to take bath post-sauna session.

If you want to install a sauna in your gym or home then consult reputed bathtubs manufacturer in India or sauna bath suppliers for high quality and technology driven equipment.

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