Types of bathtubs and how to choose the right one!

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Types of bathtubs and how to choose the right one!

06 Jul 2020

Types of bathtubs and how to choose the right one!

If you're looking to replace your old bathtub or thinking about remodeling your bathroom, then it is a good idea to know the type of bathtubs available in the market. Every bathtub has its features with some good and bad points. Further, not all bathtubs are the same and they vary in size, types, and materials from which they are made of. Today you can find corner bathtubs, couple bathtubs, oval bathtubs, round series bathtubs, jacuzzis bathtubs, and many others but you must choose the one that suits the dimension of your bathroom and fulfills your requirements. Here we are highlighting the basic features of some world-class bathtubs that you can choose to buy for installation at your place.

Corner tubs: Best suited for small bathrooms, you can buy CONA and ESCONA series tubs. Both of these offer unique bathing experiences with real benefits. Made exclusively of pure acrylic, these two types of Corner tubs come with an in-built molded seat that provides an extraordinary degree of relaxation. Foot Operated Waste Overflow, these tubs are acknowledged in the market for their exclusive designs.

Couple Bathtubs: Ideal for those who want to spend bathing time together, these tubs are extremely relaxing and offer numerous health benefits to its users. There are many new ranges of Couple Bathtub including SALSA tubs, TWIN tubs, ZES Straight Line, and similar other categories that you can choose for your bathroom. Durable and Long-lasting, these tubs are easy to install and occupies less space.

Normal Bathtub: With their compact size and functional features, Normal bathtubs are best for any bathrooms. Just like Couple bathtubs, Normal tubs also come in varying designs and features. You can order for Capri, Artec, Coral, and other types of tubs.  These tubs are best for all those looking to revamp their bathing space.

Oval Bathtubs: Aesthetically crafted Oval tubs lend a new dimension to personal bathing pleasure. Fitted with hot & cold water filler with hand shower these tubs come compatible with the whirlpool system. Moreover, Oval Bathtubs are known for their robust design, high durability, and smooth edges.

Round bathtubs: Made to last long, round bathtubs come with the Air-Jet system, a blower that froths up the water and massages your every muscle while you bathe.Checkout our COSMO and OMEGA tubs that come under the category of round bathtubs. Round bathtubs are a product perfect for all those who want to just sit back and relax.

Spa Bathtubs:  Made from non-porous acrylic material, these tubs give stylish look with its features. Available in standard sizes,  this tub serves as perfect bath equipment. The product is hugely popular for its high strength properties. Due to excellent features coupled with cost-effective, it is highly demanded in several homes in metro cities. These tubes with inline water heater, the filtration system is fitted with Chromotherapy LED Lights.

Browse through the site of Bath Systems to find all these and many other types of bathtubs. This Delhi based company is a leading manufacturer of bathtubs and bathtub accessories. On its site, you will find a new range of medium and small bathtubs to cater to your specific needs. Tubs designed and manufactured by the company conform to the standards prescribed by the industry. Browse through the site to find Cast iron bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, Composite bathtubs, Cultured marble bathtubs, and others. Best in class these premium quality bathtubs allow wellness in the comfort and privacy at your homes. Today the company has emerged as a wholesale bathtub supplier. Furthermore, it also deals in steam bath systems, sauna bath enclosure, and other items. You can order online for the timely delivery of the booked item.

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