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  • Wire Specification: 6mm per phase (Copper wire only).
  • Sizes given are nominal.
  • Due to continuous up-gradation of products, design & specifications may change without prior notice.

Our Sauna can be customized to suit your space, budget and taste requirements. The outstanding construction surpasses your expectations every time you unwind in your Sauna and ensures an ideal and safe environment. Fine craftsmanship and superior material used produce Saunas that are cool to touch, resistant to distortion, shrinking, discoloration, and corrosion.

Salient Features

  • Space saving Sauna generator, can be wall mounted.
  • Adjustable timer personalizes the Sauna duration.
  • Thermostatic temperature control enables comfort setting.
  • Large capacity rock container
  • Minimal temperature fluctuations.
  • Igneous Dolerite rock withstand rapid heating and cooling.
  • Made from tough, heat resistant timber. (Pru…/Pine wood)
  • Wide Sauna benches with contoured back rests and head rests.
  • Sections fit to precision. Adequate ventilation with proper air inlet and outlets.
  • Thermally insulated walls and roof. Stainless steel heating elements.
  • Special thermo-flocking exterior finish.
  • Triple-wall construction for cool-to-the-touch surface.
  • On/off display light indicates mode of operation.
  • Profiled, ergonomic grip-track knobs for easy use.
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