Steam Bath Machine:

Taking a Steam bath is always recommendable owing to its multitude of health benefits. After a long tiring day of work, there is nothing like spending some time in a bath enclosure. Your whole body enjoys the treat of hot steam, washing away tiredness from your body and soul. Highly beneficial for skin it improves your blood circulation, giving a glowing and healthy look to your face.

Choosing the appropriate generator for any particular steam room is the most important factor in creating a personal steam bath. In order to enjoy ultimate comfort, steam bathers must ensure to install a steam generator suiting the size of their bathing space. Buy premium class steam bath generator of Bath Systems that are available in various sizes and capacities. They are perfect for readymade steam shower enclosures/cabin at the best price.

Residential and Commercial Steam Bath Machine supplied by Bath Systems are high on performance and low in maintenance. These steam bath machine have found acceptance in many leading hotels, clubs, and spas. The unit is designed for easy on-site maintenance and hands-on automated operation. Economical and efficient these steam bath systems are easy to operate, durable and available at the most reasonable prices.Today Bath Systems has emerged as a leading Steam bath machine manufacturer in India.

These Steam Bath Machine are engineered to highest quality, reliability, and durability according to the market prices and standards. The high performing steam Machine & generator delivers steam bathers the experience they demand — every time.

Calculation Chart for Steam Machine will guide you selecting the right steam bath Machine and generator for your bathing space.

Calculation Chart for Steam Machine

Eurostan Steam Bath Generator

Steam Bath Generator

Steam Bath Generator

  • Wire specification: 6mm per phase (Copper wire only).
  • Water inlet: 12mm (1/2″)
  • Use only Copper / SS / GI Pipe, duly insulated for steam outlet
  • Size given are nominal.
  • Due to continuous up-gradation of products, design & specifications may change without prior notice.

Layout for Electrical & Plumbing Points for Steam Generator

Steam Generator

Sizing The Steam Room

Choosing the appropriate generator for any particular steam room is the most important factor in creating a personal steam bath.  A properly sized steam generator should reach a comfortable temperature within 10-20 minutes. A generator which is undersized may take substantially longer or may not even reach a comfortable temperature; one which is oversized will form an unusually hot area around the steam head.

Each generator uses a resistance-type heating element to heat water and produce a given volume of steam, based on the kilowatt rating of the generator. One kilowatt is equivalent to 3413 BTU’s. Therefore the heat output of the steam generators is fixed to the kilowatt rating. Actual steam bath temperature will depend on the construction of the steam room and the generator selected to heat the room.

Factors affecting the sizing of the steam room

1. The cubic foot of the steam room
2. Ceiling height–succeeding calculations are based on an average of 7 to 8-foot ceiling height.
3. Building material physical properties.

  •  Thermal conductivity
  •  Insulation (R factor)
  •  Mass (weight)

4. Ambient room temperature–succeeding calculations are based on an average temperature of 68° – 72°

5. Wall temperature–exterior walls in cold climates will require additional heat.

6. Actual line voltage supplied by the local utility.

7. Surface area–succeeding calculations are based on average rectangular shaped rooms. The surface area per cubic foot for irregularly shaped rooms may alter the calculations

Sizing Procedures

1. CALCULATE CUBIC FOOT AREA OF THE ENCLOSURE. Length x Width x Height = Cubic Feet.

2. CONSIDER THE CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS USED IN THE STEAM ROOM. Using the overall cubic foot total as a base, increase or decrease by the following percentages upon the construction materials. Refer to the following chart.

  • For every 10 linear feet of steam pipe exceeding 50 feet add 10 cubic feet to sizing calculation.
  • Choose appropriate steam generator after calculating the adjusted steam room cubic foot, refer to the specifications for the proper steam generator model.
  • When a calculated cubic foot capacity falls between two models, always choose the higher-rated generator.
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