Spas are a fantastic way to relax and restore energy lost during a day. Bath Systems’ spa models are technologically smart whose secure circuits include various seats and a common footrest at the center. Each seat is tactically fitted with various types of massage jets in different positions, mounted in a way to massage every part of the body. By moving from one seat to the other, one can enjoy a complete body-massage that stimulates and relaxes all parts of the body. Cushioned headrests, ergonomic seats, and a host of high-performance features make this the ultimate home spa experience.

The Key Benefits of Bath Systems’ Spa Models Include:

  • Pocket-friendly;
  • Provides cleaner, healthier water:
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Well-Detoxifies the body;
  • Enhances the immune system;
  • Helps in relieving stress and body-pains;
Manufacturer Salsa Bath Tubs

Can be customized according to one’s needs

See Salsa Bathtub working in Residential Project       SPA in the Terrace of House

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