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Best Sauna Bath Manufacturer in Noida
Best Sauna Bath Manufacturer in Noida
Best Sauna Bath Manufacturer in Noida
Best Sauna Bath Supplier in Noida
Best Sauna Bath Supplier in Noida
Best Sauna Bath Supplier in Noida

Best Sauna Bath Supplier Noida

Bath System has emerged as an ardent sauna steam bath supplier in Noida. The company deals in a wide range of  Sauna Bath & Steam Bath equipment like shower bath equipment, steam folding seat, sauna heaters, sauna control panel that is manufactured using high-quality stainless steel, mild steel, and electric/electronic components. Installation of the Sauna bath machine is no more complicated when you have the aid and advice of the professionals of Bath Systems.

The machines are much in demand and a popular way for people to enjoy a range of health benefits. In Noida itself, you can find many homes fitted with sauna bath equipment. Bath Systems is one of the leading manufacturers and service providers of sauna and steam bath equipment in the region. 

Sauna bath helps in 

  • Relieving joint pains
  • Improving body immunity
  • Helping in weight loss
  • Ameliorating insomnia
  • Body detoxification
  • Burns extra Fat 

You can contact the professionals of the Bath System for the installation of a sauna bath at home and commercial spaces. Our high-quality steam room generators are available various power sizes. Apart from homes, the company has installed sauna bath machines in hotels, resorts, salons and many other commercial complexes across the city. The company ensures the comfort and safety of its clients and its machines are reliable and resistant to corrosion or other defects. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, experts at Bath Systems can help transform your bathroom into a modern luxurious masterpiece, with their customizable shower enclosures or personalized sauna and steam rooms.For more information, you can check out the site of the company.

Restore your well-being and get the golden glow of health by creating your very health sanctuary in the privacy of your home. Sauna, the “Finish” way of relaxation is now at your disposal.

The simple heat generation process has astounding benefits. The soft heat created has a gently penetrating and moisturizing effect. Perspiration in a non-polluted and healthy atmosphere eliminates harmful toxins and metabolic wastes from the body, consequently improving body’s metabolism. A retreat to this exclusive haven promotes physical and mental replenishment.

The Euro Stan sauna is made of pinewood, which has medicinal benefits. The minute quantities of natural oils that it releases refresh the senses. It eliminates fatigue and improves metabolism and hence revitalizes you all over. Sauna baths enhance blood circulation, increase skin elasticity and alleviate breathing problems and rheumatic pains. Adding essence concentrates to the Sauna has an invigorating effect.

Our Sauna can be customized to suit your space, budget and taste requirements. The outstanding construction surpasses your expectations every time you unwind in your Sauna. Fine craftsmanship and superior material used produce Saunas that are cool to touch, resistant to distortion, shrinking, discoloration and corrosion. Excellent construction ensures an ideal and safe Sauna environment.


  • Space saving Sauna generator, can be wall mounted.
  • Built-in thermostat and timer (separate controls).
  • Large capacity rock container
  • Minimizing temperature fluctuations.
  • Stones of igneous dolerite rock to withstand rapid heating and cooling.
  • Made from tough, heat resistant timber.
  • Wide Sauna benches with contoured backrests and headrests.
  • Sections fit to precision.
  • Adequate ventilation with proper air inlet and outlets.
  • Thermally insulated walls and roof.
  • Stainless steel heating elements.
  • Special thermo-flocking exterior finish.
  • Triple-wall construction for cool-to-the-touch surface.
  • Adjustable timer personalizes the Sauna duration.
  • Thermostatic temperature control enables comfort setting.
  • On/off display light indicates mode of operation.
  • Profiled, ergonomic grip-track knobs for easy use.


  • Sauna hygrometer/ thermometer.
  • Wooden bucket with liner.
  • Wooden ladle.
  • Sauna hourglass.
  • Vapour-lock wall light.
  • Wooden Sauna headset.
  • Automatic or manual humidifier (optional).

Do's and Don'ts

How to use a sauna – Do’s Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or isotonic drinks

When you use a sauna, drink plenty of water or isotonic drinks before you enter your infrared sauna or bring some water in with you or both. An isotonic drink is a drink that replaces fluid lost as you sweat and it provides a boost of carbohydrates. As you use a sauna, you are going to sweat a lot so it’s important that you stay hydrated.

Wait 1 or 2 hours after you eat

In your infrared sauna your body will heat up which moves your blood toward your skin. If you use a sauna too quickly after eating then your food won’t be properly digested. This could make you feel noshes.

On completion of you sauna bath take a shower with cool or warm water

After you use a sauna properly cool down after your infrared sauna bath. Before taking a cold plunge, it is considered good practice to take a few minutes after you use a sauna to cool down. When entering a pool, enter gradually rather than jumping in. Let you body adjust to the temperature change to avoid a big shock.

At least towel off if you can’t take a shower

One benefit of an infrared sauna is that it will make you sweat. Sweating is good for our bodies. In fact it has been said that we don’t sweat enough. Sweating helps to rid us of the toxins that our skin accumulates during everyday life. Some toxins can be reabsorbed back into the body if we don’t toweling off. So after you use a sauna at least towel if you can’t shower.

How to use a sauna – Don’ts Don’t drink alcohol in you sauna

A person should never drink alcohol or use cocaine when you use a sauna. Those who do could put themselves in risk of dehydration leading to heat stroke in more sensitive individuals. Heat stroke can be reduced by regular sipping of water or isotonic drinks, but not alcohol, during the use of a sauna. Entering your infrared sauna after a hangover or drinking heavily during the use a sauna can undoubtedly create real health risks.

Don’t shave in your sauna

This may be a personal consideration but for hygiene purposes it wouldn’t be considered wise to shave as you use a sauna.

Don’t use soaps or lotions after your infrared sauna session

By not using soaps or lotions allows your skin to complete the toxin removal more affectively after your use of a sauna and you'll find that your skin will be quite supple and lotions will not be necessary.

How to use a sauna – Personal considerations Shower before you use a sauna

Our bodies collect all kinds of toxin from products we use everyday such as lotion, makeup, soap, and body care products. Showering off before entering into your infrared sauna will help that much more to rid your body of the toxins in accumulates.

When you use a sauna sit on a towel

You will find yourself sweating a lot and sitting on a towel will help you feel much more sanitized.

Carry an extra towel to wipe off with

Some people sweat more than others but either way it can be somewhat distracting to have sweat drip down your face. Putting a towel over your head can help with the heat around your face if you’re sensitive that way.

Cover you private parts when using a sauna in public

Some people like to run around in the buff but if you’re in public others can be quite offended. Just be considerate and think of others.

Take a watch so you can keep track of your time as you use a sauna

You may not want to wear a watch but having some way of telling how long you’ve been in your infrared sauna can be helpful especially if you are just getting used to the heat.

You probably have a few ideas of you own on how to use a sauna that you could add to this list. The point is to enjoy yourself as you use a sauna.


Please observe these rules and usage guidelines whilst enjoying our sauna facilities.


  1. Separate sauna facilities are provided for male and female Members and these are located in the Locker Rooms opposite the Racquet Sports Office.
  2. All users are requested to shower before entering the Sauna.
  3. No person under the age of 8 may use the Sauna. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult Member.
  4. Users under the care of a physician, had recent surgery, are pregnant, have a heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, circulatory system problems or are on medication are advised not to use the Sauna.
  5. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Sauna.
  6. For personal hygiene, users should be seated on a towel or wear appropriate bathing or undergarment attire.
  7. Users should cool down with a warm shower after each sauna session.
  8. It is strongly recommended that users drink water before and after each sauna session.
  9. Under no circumstances should water, oil, clothing or any item be placed on or around the sauna rocks, the elements or wooden frame of the sauna.
  10. For your own safety, ACC follows International standards by setting the
  11. sauna temperature in maintained between 80°C and 90°C.
  12. The maximum recommended time for each sauna session is 15 minutes. Exit immediately if uncomfortable, dizzy or sleepy.


  • The sauna room temperature is kept between 70 & 90 Degrees Celsius.
  • Allow yourself at least 15 minutes after exercising to cool down before entering the room.
  • No food & drink is allowed inside.
  • Please shower before entering.
  • Due to high temperature & humidity the sauna room can be dangerous to health. We recommend you consult your physician before you use the sauna room.
  • Those with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and respiratory problems and those who are pregnant should avoid exposure to high heat.

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