• Shower before you use a sauna.
  • At least towel off if you can not take a shower. Our bodies collect all kinds of toxin from products we use every day such as lotion, makeup, soap, and body care products. Showering off before entering into your sauna will help that much more to rid your body of the toxins it accumulates.
  • Drink plenty of water or isotonic drinks before entering your sauna or bring some water in with you. An isotonic drink is a drink that replaces fluid lost as you sweat and it provides a boost of carbohydrates.
  • Wait for 1 or 2 hours after you eat. In the sauna, your body will heat up which moves your blood toward your skin. If you use a sauna immediately after the meal, your food will remain undigested. This could cause nausea.
  • On completion take a shower with cool water. After taking Sauna Bath, properly cool down before taking a cold plunge. When entering a pool, enter gradually rather than jumping in. Let your body adjust to the temperature change to avoid a big shock.
  • Sit on a towel. It will help you feel much more sanitised.
  • Carry an extra towel to wipe off with. Putting a towel over your head can help with the heat around your face if you’re sensitive that way.
  • Cover your private parts when using a sauna in public.
  • Take a watch so you can keep track of your time as you use a sauna or have some way of telling how long you’ve been in your sauna.


  • A person should never take alcohol or use cocaine when you use a sauna. Entering a sauna after a hangover or drinking heavily can undoubtedly create health risks.
  • Don’t shave in your sauna. This may be a personal consideration but for hygiene purposes, it wouldn’t be considered wise to shave as you use a sauna.
  • Don’t use soaps or lotions after your infrared sauna session. By not using soaps or lotions allows your skin to complete the toxin removal more effectively after your use of a sauna and you’ll find that your skin will be quite supple and lotions will not be necessary.
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