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Available in cast iron construction finish, Submersible Open Well Pumps designed and delivered by Bath Systems find wide application in the agriculture sector as well as in residential and commercial buildings. The submersible motor makes these pumps suitable for operations under submerged conditions. Furthermore, it can withstand wide voltage fluctuations, and its motor has a longer service life. Fabricated using high-quality materials, these pumps are very suitable for areas with wide water level fluctuations. Coated internal parts prevent rusting and ensure the longevity of these pumps. 

With the help of advanced facilities, we at Bath System are capable to provide an extensive range of Open Well Submersible Pump. In Shimla we also provide other variety of water pumps to meet the diverse requirement of our customers.Due to our professional expertise, we are one of the leading suppliers of Pressure Booster Pumps, Submersible Open Well Pumps, Submersible sewage pumps and many other types of water pumps. You can contact us in Shimla to chose and but the one suiting your budget and requirements. You can also browse through our website and order the one to receive prompt delivery of the booked item.

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