Steam Bath

Steam Bath

Steam Bath is an ancient bath popular with Greeks & Romans. It is a restorative concept of steam, to revive our overall health and enhance appearance.
A Steam Bath is a refuge where you can unwind and let everyday care melts away amid clouds of steam. After a long tiring day of work, there is nothing like spending some time in a steam bath enclosure. You feel completely relaxed each time you take a steam bath as the soft comforting embrace of the warmth & high humidity massage the skin increasing the blood circulation and gently easing tense muscles. The steam penetrates deep into your skin cleansing & leaving it soft & smooth so you are wonderfully refreshed invigorated in both body & soul, long after your bath is over.

It is highly beneficial for skin. The moist heat stimulates the subcutaneous blood flow & cleanses the skin intensively, opening the pores, removing dead skin & impurities and leaving the skin feeling soft, clean & smooth.

The detoxifying effect of steam can be enhanced by using it along with the very organic technique of aromatherapy wherein essential oils are kept exposed in the steam room to release their naturally beneficial essences to the steam bath

Physiological Effects of Steam Bath

The body tries to increase its heat loss through all possible avenues-especially the skin and lungs. If the environmental temperature exceeds that of the body, the only way to lose heat is through sweating. The body cannot maintain a constant temperature when the environment temperature is as high as that reached in a steam bath or sauna, and so the body temperature begins to rise. As the cutaneous circulation increases, the body from the environment accepts heat more readily.

The rise in body temperature depends mainly on

1. The temperature and humidity content of the steam bath.
2. The sweating capacity of the bather
3. The bathing time…

Body temperatures have been found to range from 37.6C (99.6F) to 40C (104F). Thus the physiological changes that occur during the bath are due, in part, to the rise in body temperature and in part, to the influence of the reflexes of the hormonal and nervous systems, which attempt to increase the heat loss.

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