Steam and Sauna


The body tries to increase its heat loss through all possible avenues-especially the skin and lungs. If the environmental temperature exceeds that of the body, the only way to lose heat is through sweating. The body cannot maintain a constant temperature when the environment temperature is as high as that reached in a steam bath or sauna, and so the body temperature begins to rise. As the cutaneous circulation increases, the body from the environment accepts heat more readily. The rise in body temperature depends mainly on

(a) the temperature and humidity content of the steam bath.

(b) the sweating capacity of the bather, and

(c) the bathing time.

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Restore your well-being and get the golden glow of health by creating your very health sanctuary in the privacy of your home. Sauna, the “Finish” way of relaxation is now at your disposal.

The concept of Sauna originated in Finland about 2000 yrs ago. Originally it was a pit dug into a slope. Over the years it transformed into a cabin with fire place.

The simple heat generation process has astounding benefits. The soft heat created has a gentle penetrating and moisturizing effect. Perspiration in a non-polluted and healthy atmosphere eliminates harmful toxins and metabolic wastes from the body, consequently improving body’s metabolism. A retreat to this exclusive haven promotes physical and mental replenishment.

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