How To Build A Perfect Custom Spa For Your Gym?

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How To Build A Perfect Custom Spa For Your Gym?

20 Jan 2020

How To Build A Perfect Custom Spa For Your Gym?

No doubt, modern times are stressful. At times, we want to escape into another world to stay away from the stress, negativity and tensions. With so many things to deal with, we all often feel exhausted and end up having a bad day or bad mood. To beat the stress of daily work routine, a visit to a luxury spa comes as a blessing. It is nothing short of a boon where we can get an immense amount of relaxation and rejuvenate ourselves. It is a perfect place to indulge in self-pampering and to cut ourselves from the outer world for an hour or two. It helps us to detoxify and rejuvenate our senses, body and soul. The healing power of different therapies, massages and treatments by professional masseurs bring oodles of relaxation and happiness. This is why modern health clubs and gyms such as Golds Gym pay a lot of emphasis in offering overall workout and relaxation techniques. Most of the modern gyms have started offering a SPA facility to give best post workout relaxation and rejuvenation to gym goers. Having a spa room is as important as steam and sauna bath machine rooms. There are several massage therapies that help with pain management and offer a lot of relaxation after a strenuous workout. One can get instant relief from muscle tensions or cramps with some massage therapies.

That’s why most of the gym owners have started providing a luxury spa centre in their gyms to offer complete wellness to their patrons.

If you are planning to start your own spa centre in gym and don’t know much about it, then continue reading this blog. Here we are going to enlighten you about all the steps and equipment that you require for a premium spa centre in your gym.

Chisel Steam bath

First off, you need to decide upon an enticing name and define the location in your gym. You must have a good space to accommodate a good number of guests at a time.

Secondly, there are some typical services that are being offered in a spa. Some of them are facial and body massages, facials, electrolysis, spa manicures and pedicures, body treatments including wraps and packs, exfoliation, hydrotherapies through mineral water, dry and moist heat bath, shower massage.

Thirdly, to offer all the above services in an excellent manner to your niche clientele you need to choose the best equipment. Some of the essential equipment for a spa are:

  • Massage table
  • Speciality shower:
  • Sauna equipment
  • Facial steamers
  • Hot towel cabinets
  • Sterilizers
  • Bottle warmers
  • Storage units
  • Spa lights and lamps

Make sure to get the high-quality equipment in accordance with the furniture and décor of your gym and spa. There are many prominent steam and sauna manufacturer in India that offer luxury spa and gym equipment.

Fourthly, hire a team of experts including regular staff to clean spa rooms, experienced therapists and beauticians to give unparalleled services to the patrons.

Fifthly, choose the furniture and material to construct the spa room attentively to offer the best customer experience. It’s better to buy material and equipment from a reputed gym equipment supplier to avoid any kind of failure or breakdown in the future. From tiles and stones to furniture, equipment and doors, all the things should be of high quality to avoid rust, moulds or dents while using them.

Last but certainly not the least, keep the ambience very welcoming peaceful. It’s good to have ambient lighting and music to give the utmost relaxation to visitors. Use high-quality glass ensuring natural light to come inside. Also, make use of aroma enhancement and decorative candles to make the room highly serene and tranquil.

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