Nowadays, having a bathroom at home with an eye-catching bath tub is the real thing. A bathtub in the bathroom is no longer a fancy fixture. The increased demand for various bathtub designs in India has opened the way for economical yet beautiful bathtubs. The bathtub is thin and elongated, meant to accommodate an adult reclining back and resting. However, there are several forms available, such as oval, round, and corner bathtubs. There are a rising number of people looking for the greatest bathtubs these days.

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Corner Bathtub


Thoughtfully designed and created for luxury bathing


Enjoy your bath with ESCONA Bathtubs and feel refreshed every day.

ZES Straight Line

ZES provides for possible incorporation of hydrojets.


The ultimate is relaxation and comfort, the ARTEC is an embodiment of sheer elegance.


The curved and enveloping design of CAPRI with contoured armrest..

Twin ZES Straight Line

With a complete understanding of the work ' Practical' in mind.


There's much more to the SALSA than its sleek and sophisticated look.


There's much more to the SALSA than its sleek and sophisticated look.

Bath Tubs customisation available

Connect with us and experts will help you design a custom bath tub for your space.