How to choose the right Water Pumps?

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How to choose the right Water Pumps?

29 Dec 2020

How to choose the right Water Pumps?

Choosing the right water pump is always an issue especially for those affected by poor water supply. Best suited for urban and industrial areas, these pumps can address the issue of water scarcity and have proved to be of amazing help. With simple mechanisms and innovative technology, these pumps draw water from underground sources and supply it to our homes. Though there are different pumps available in the market you have to choose the one suiting your requirement. The type and feature of Water Pumps vary according to their specific uses. So here's a simple guide to help you make a wise choice while buying a water pump for meeting your requirement.

Pressure Booster Pumps:  A Pressure Booster Pump is known for its features. This machine not just increases the pressure of fluid but also maintains constant pressure in all Outlets – showers, taps, etc both on the ground floor as well as the top floor of the buildings. A robust pump designed consists of a high-quality pressure tank, pressure switch, and other accessories. This pump is highly recommended for use at the construction site to ensure proper water flow all through the construction period. It helps builders/contractors, to reduce their construction costs. This pump is also useful in all types of residential/commercial buildings, including high rise buildings, luxurious flats, and private bungalows.

Submersible Water Pumps: Submersible Pump with a sealed motor which is submerged in the wells or ponds to retrieve water. It helps to push the water up the hole. They are an efficient and wiser choice and are installed in most of the homes due to their advanced technological features and efficiency rate. Open Well Submersible Pumps and Tube Well submersible Pumps are two types of Submersible Water Pumps. Submersible Water Pumps consist of a submersible electric cable, diffuser, impeller, cable guard, and AC electric motor. Openwell submersible pumps are often used for Farm and Drip irrigation, drinking water supply as well as sprinkler irrigation. However, Tube Well submersible Pumps are installed within the Tube-Well submerged in water and draw water from below.

Submersible Sewage Pumps: Submersible sewage pumps are best suited for industries and large residential societies. This type of pump is used to draw sewage water from houses and commercial sites into the septic tanks. It is often submerged under the ground. Availed in various sizes and other related specifications, these types of pumps have wide use and application. They are used for the transfer of muddy waters, dewatering of ponds, and the basement of huge buildings. It is also used for the effluent transfer, ETP, STP, wastewater treatment plants. Nowadays you can find Submersible Sewage Pumps regularly installed in hotels, hospitals, railways, dairy, chemical industries, sugar, steel, cement, food beverages, etc.

Bath Systems has emerged as a top destination for supplying various types of water pumps. All the pumps are manufactured using high-grade raw material and advanced technology by skilled professionals. The offered products are preciously designed to meet international standards. Furthermore, these pumps are availed in various sizes and other related specifications, as per the varied needs of our valuable clients. Every water pump manufactured at its in-house production unit is stringently tested on various parameters to assure it on counts of quality. Not just that Bath Systems also deals in a range of bath accessories including bathtubs of various designs and sizes. Browse through its site to know in detail about Sauna bath systems and Steam bath systems also. You can contact the company to get a professional visit at your p[lace for the installation of water pumps and other bathroom accessories.

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